About us

We are a company located in Europe with strong connections in the petroleum market.

As TRADE DESK, we manage the whole process of selling and buying of petroleum products, especially for automotive fuel.

In partnership with accredited buyers and sellers we assist directly the negotiation procedures creating long term commercial relationships.

Gaia Petro Energy is a new company but really the result of a solid and long experience of its senior team that has more than 15 years of experience in import/export, internalization and assistance to Governments/Companies in many Countries (China, Emirates, Tunis, Europe, North and South America, Turkey, Asia).


From sales of industrial-use fuel to middle-retail services at local distributors, our business comprises a wide range of operations.

The absence of affiliations with specific petroleum distributors allows Gaia Petro Energy  to maintain contracts with several wholesalers.

Focused on automotive diesel, the Company is able to supply a also other liquid fuels ( diesel, gasoline, kerosene, LPG, naphtha) from different origins (Middle Est, Russia, Africa, Europe).

Gaia Petro Energy has therefore been able to increase its network, including also in bitumen, which has added to strengthening our position as a petroleum sales business.