Ask a quote 

Fill this template “RFQ_oil_ok“.


KYC (or CIS) Client data sheet

Fill this template CIS sampleGPE


Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) or Bank Confirmation Letter

A Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) or as it is sometimes referred to, a Bank Confirmation Letter is a letter from a bank or financial institution confirming the intent and capability of the clients to enter into a financial business transaction both legally and financially. The Bank Comfort Letter officially vouches for the fact that the borrower (an individual, company or organization) is eligible to borrow a specified amount of funds for a specified purpose              Bank Comfort Letter


ICPO Template for Passionis Group’s CIF Deliveries with procedures

Gaia Petro Energy is Passionis Group’s authorized Trade Desk. Here the ICPO template for CIF deliveries


Protect the business

Use the ICC NCNDA Template (NDA GAIA). An NCNDA is used when a business needs to keep intellectual property and other confidential information secure.


Show your capability to buy, simply

This is necessary to proceed speedy in our business process. Consider that RWA is not a block of funds but simply a note of the bank that approve your deal. Send your RWA (READ, WILLING AND ABLE) in your Top Bank letterhead. See RWA TEMPLATE BLANK.


Warning Letter Template

This letter is necessary to respect the conduct of the Parties involved in any transaction. Letter Warning ICC-BUYER 2018


Check exactly the Incoterms 2010  (CIF, CFR, FOB, DAT, …)

Read more about directly visiting the ICC- International Chamber of Commerce website.


World Top Banks

The Top Bank is a warranty for any transaction.